Deirdre & Joe: Married, Atlantic Beach Club

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Deirdre and Joe were married at the Atlantic Beach Club in Middletown on a beautiful February afternoon. They had their first look in the park next door to the venue, then we took some images outside before moving in where it was warm.

During dinner, Deirdre and Joe (who are both very talented musicians) performed a special song for their guests, while all the guests gathered around. Later in the evening, Joe’s band, Fungus Amungus (who I’m listening to as I type) played a high energy set for the guests to dance to. It was fantastic! Having the groom drumming at his own wedding does such great things for the energy of the evening! (Here’s a terrible iPhone video of Joe rocking on the drums)

Thanks Deirdre and Joe for an incredible day! It was a great first wedding of 2014 for me!

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