Meeghan & Brad: Married

Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-1 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-2 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-3 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-4 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-5 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-6 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-7 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-8 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-9 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-10 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-11 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-12 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-13 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-14 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-15 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-16
Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-19 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-20 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-21 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-22 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-23 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-24 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-25 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-26 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-27 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-28 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-29 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-30 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-31 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-32 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-33 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-34 Narragansett_Towers_Winter_Wedding_Beach-35

Meeghan and Brad were married just before Christmas on a unusually warm December day. It was 52 degrees outside which allowed us to shoot comfortably without freezing. I met Meeghan at the hotel where she was finishing up her hair and makeup with the rest of the girls. My second shooter, Angie, met Brad upstairs where he was getting ready. Because it was downright balmy outside, Meeghan and Brad had their first look out back. We continued with some portraits around the property before heading over to St. Francis Church in Wakefield. After the ceremony, the entire bridal party stopped at Narragansett Town Beach for some portraits. With some time to spare, the bridal party all went to Trio Restaurant for a champagne toast and some downtime with everyone in the bar. Then we made our way to the Towers for cocktails and introductions. The party was lively from introductions on through the night! I was promised some great dancing, and Meeghan and Brad did not disappoint, I got some awesome dancing pictures that night!

Thanks Meeghan and Brad! It truly was a blast! You guys are great!

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