Stephanie & John: Married

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John appears to have gotten some sand in his eyes:

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St_Annes_Cathedral_Fall_River_Wedding-21St_Annes_Cathedral_Fall_River_Wedding-24 St_Annes_Cathedral_Fall_River_Wedding-25 St_Annes_Cathedral_Fall_River_Wedding-26 St_Annes_Cathedral_Fall_River_Wedding-27 St_Annes_Cathedral_Fall_River_Wedding-28 St_Annes_Cathedral_Fall_River_Wedding-29 St_Annes_Cathedral_Fall_River_Wedding-30 St_Annes_Cathedral_Fall_River_Wedding-31 St_Annes_Cathedral_Fall_River_Wedding-32

I only met Stephanie and John a few days before their wedding. In just the short time we chatted, I knew we’d be getting along great on their wedding day. I started my day at the Tiverton home that Stephanie and John rented for the week surrounding their wedding. It served as a home base for the bridal party, saving them from living out of a hotel room for a week, and it also made the perfect backdrop for a weeks’ worth of festivities related to the wedding day! It was a great spot to get ready, with everyone right there. John and his groomsmen got ready in the cottage on the property, while Stephanie and the ladies took over the main house for hair, makeup, and all the associated excited energy. After Stephanie got dressed, we all went out back for some pictures, then the girls had a pickup game of whiffle ball and corn hole as they waited for the limo to arrive to take them to the church.

The ceremony was at Fall River’s St. Anne’s Cathedral – a truly impressive church! After the ceremony, we headed to McGovern’s in Fall River for the reception. Light was fading fast, but we worked quickly and took family pictures before moving into pictures with just Stephanie & John.

The bride and groom were introduced and had their first dance, then sat down for dinner and toasts. Dancing began a bit later on and included a special dance honoring Stephanie’s grandparents who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary that night.

Thanks, Stephanie and John for inviting me to share in your big day!

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