Pamela & Steve: Married, Willowbend Country Club

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Cape Cod is gorgeous in September! Not only because of the perfect weather, but because of the lack of crowds and traffic jams. It’s my preferred month to visit! It was the perfect day on top of all that last Sunday for Pam & Steve’s wedding.

My second shooter, Dave, and I started our day right at Willowbend Country Club in Mashpee. I met Pam in her suite while her mom finished lacing Pam’s dress up. Pam did a quick first look with her bridesmaids, then met Steve for a different twist on the first look. Both Pam and Steve were blindfolded, but took a few minutes chatting with each other before finishing getting ready for the walk down the isle. The ceremony was beautiful, overlooking cranberry bogs and perfectly landscaped greens behind the bride and groom. The ring bearers presented the rings in “Men In Black” style, which got some good laughs from the guests.

After the ceremony and congratulations, we did pictures with the families, bridal party, then just Pam & Steve. Then it was inside for introductions, first dance, and toasts. Everyone sat for dinner, and afterwards headed out to the dance floor for some dancing.

Pam & Steve incorporated fall colors with Steve’s love of being outdoors and hunting. Shotgun shells tied together the boutonnieres and held the place cards at the tables. Both Steve and Pam wore non-traditional boots, which I’m told were extremely comfortable!

It was a great day! Thanks Pam & Steve for having me – we had a blast spending the day with you both.

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