Jackie & Jason: Married, Atkinson Country Club, NH

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Atkinson_Country_Club_Wedding-33 Atkinson_Country_Club_Wedding-35 Atkinson_Country_Club_Wedding-36 Atkinson_Country_Club_Wedding-37Jackie and Jason were married in Somerville, MA and held their reception at Atkinson Country Club, in Atkinson, NH.

I started my day with Jackie at her parents home, while my second shooter, Gabrielle, spent some time with Jason and the guys. Jackie and her father rode to the church in style in a vintage Rolls Royce, while the guys took a cab over, due to a last minute trolly breakdown. The ceremony was preformed by Jason’s cousin, and went off without a hitch. It was complete with incredible music sung by Jason’s talented opera singer big-sister, Sandra. After the ceremony, we headed to a park in Somerville for pictures, then up to Atkinson Country Club for the reception. We shot around the grounds a little bit before heading inside for introductions and first dance. The evening went on to include a couple of funny and heartfelt   toasts, cake cutting, and some really great dancing!

Thanks Jackie and Jason! It was great spending your big day with you! Enjoy these teasers, I’ll have more for you very soon.



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