Jessica & Matt: Married, Blithwold, Bristol, RI

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Jessica and Matt were married at Blithewold recently on a hot July day.

I started my day at the Renaissance Hotel with Jessica, where my second, Trevor, also shot around with Matt and his groomsmen. After both Jessica and Matt were dressed and ready to go, we made our way next door to the RI Statehouse for their first look. Then we took some images around the grounds a little bit, using the grand building as a backdrop to some quick portraits before they boarded the coach bus heading towards Blithewold.

Once at Blithewold, we had a few minutes to do some pictures with the bridal party and just get a peek of the spectacular gardens the property has to offer. The ceremony was set in a side garden with sweeping views of the lawn rolling down to the bay. It was sunny and very hot, but it was a great ceremony, and soon we were back in the shade for some family portraits before Jess and Matt took off for some pictures of their own. We walked some of the garden paths taking some really great images along the way. We ended up back at their cocktail hour where they mingled with their guests.

Dinner and dancing followed and capped off a really fun day. We grabbed Jessica and Matt for some pictures by the bay, as the sun set, lighting up the sky with its warm colors. It was a great day!

Thanks, guys for having me!

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