Mona & Ben: Married, Ocean Cliff Hotel, Newport

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Mona and Ben were married recently at the always beautiful Ocean Cliff Hotel in Newport, RI. I started my day upstairs at Ocean Cliff with Mona and the girls, while my fantastic second shooter, Angie, spent some time with Ben and the guys down the hall. The ceremony was held right outside on the back lawn, overlooking a sparkling Narragansett Bay. After the ceremony, we did family pictures with Mona and Ben’s immediate and extended families, then wandered around the building for some pictures of just the two of them. After being introduced into the ballroom, Mona and Ben shared their first dance together in front of their guests. I pulled them out for a few minutes later on to take a couple of really fun images as the last of the light left the sky, which is when we got the image above. Mona and Ben went back inside for some really intense dancing before ending the night. What a fun day!

Thanks Mona & Ben! It was a blast!


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