RI@Work: Jay Davani, SUEDE


It’s a unique business to buy used clothing items and resell them, but for Jay Davani, it’s a huge hit! She’s taking Providence by storm, buying up interesting and unusual vintage clothing and accessories and reselling them at small “pop-up” shops all over the city as part of bigger events like the Providence Flea Market. She has no storefront, but will set up shop at a party or event that you host.

Jay says, “I started selling thrifting items because I really believe nobody needs to overspend in order to look like a million dollars. I source the items myself through a variety of means but I don’t kiss and tell. Items are sold in a couple different ways; social media, on my online store, popup shops + private home parties.  I also take custom orders from clients who need personal styling. The basic concept is that I bring the thrift shop to my clients.  I spend a lot of time digging for treasure but I do it because I live for the thrill of the hunt.  I love saving money. The most important thing about being thrifty is that it SETS US FREE. We can wear what we want, go where we want and have a little extra cash in our pockets for what we want.

SUEDE offers affordable treasures that bring out the individual in every person. It’s all here: all-American classics with an edge; one of a kind vintage pieces; + accessories to make you stand out in a crowd. The three things that we always seem to need more of are: time, money + fabulous clothes. I am passionate about delivering all of those things in abundance!”

Visit Jay at SUEDE online at http://www.giftforthrift.com/ or find one of their pop-up shops around PVD.


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