Julie & Sam: Married, Mt Hope Farm, Bristol (Part 1)

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Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-12 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-13 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-14 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-15 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-16 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-17 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-18 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-19 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-20 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-21 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-22 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-23

Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-24 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-25 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-26 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-27 Mt_Hope_Farm_Bristol_RI_Wedding_Photographer-28

I’m so excited to share this wedding with you today! Julie and Sam were married a couple weekends ago on a picture perfect day at Mount Hope Farm in Bristol, RI. Mt Hope Farm is one of my favorite venues, it’s gorgeous! It’s got a really great rustic feel, and the gardens, stone walls, and fences all around the property really give a wedding photographer a lot to work with.

These images are just the pre-ceremony images, as I had to split the wedding into two blog posts, there’s so much to show! Julie and Sam both got ready at the Marriott in downtown Providence. I met Julie to capture some of their preparation as my second photographer, Gabrielle, met Sam and the guys for some pictures of them getting ready. We headed down the road into Bristol for Julie and Sam’s first look, which was on the lawn under some big shade trees. Julie was completely giddy with excitement to see Sam for the first time. Their first look was a quiet few minutes, with their bridal party off in the distance watching it all unfold.

Once Julie & Sam finished saying hello to each other, we rolled right into taking some portraits of the two of them. We finished back where we started, then Julie and Sam took pictures with their bridal party. We set up a couple of cool shots inside the old farm house before the ceremony, then Sam made his way to the ceremony site to wait for it all to begin.

See part two HERE!

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