Unimpressed Children at Weddings 2

The end of another awesome wedding season calls for a second recap of the often less impressed wedding-goers: the tiny humans. So grab your favorite toy, rest your head on a pew, and check out the second annual edition of Unimpressed Children at Weddings.


AmandaSteven-844-1434-2 BS2_4324LeaJim-577-1159-2 CarolineDan-776-1041-2 CassieDave-321-2007-2 DeannaDave-051-7091-2
Five_Bridge_Inn_Massachusetts_Photographer_Brad_Smith_Farm_Wedding0031 KellyDan-478-0484-2 KellyDan-737-2795-2


Rebecca_John-507-2777-2 Rhode_Island_Wedding_Photographer-12
SarahMark-340-1167-2Kristen_Nicholas-347-0336-2Here’s the first edition of Unimpressed Children at Weddings in case you missed it, or just want to check it out again.

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